The Perfect Fusion of Urban Lifestyle and Rich Heritage

A cosmopolitan city with an illustrious and glorious feudal past that people cherish to date, Mysuru has time and again proven to be one of the most sought-after cities to seek refuge for people. The prolific culture and regional specific traditions in this city are unlike any other, and bountifully contribute to making this city a class apart from the others across the globe.

Rapid Expansion

The number of IT Companies is expanding every day, which in turn is opening up new job opportunities in the city for youngsters.

Well Planned

Mysuru has one of the best sewage and solid waste disposal systems in the country that can provide more space for future development plans.

Tourist Attraction

With more than 30 different places to visit nearby, ‘Garden City’ Mysuru ranks as one of the best tourist locations in India.

Smart City

Mysuru is an upcoming smart city that is revolutionised by technology and informatics to improve the quality of life for all classes of society.

Lesser Traffic

The population in Mysuru is comparatively less dense than many other tier-2 cities in India. Hence, lesser traffic and lesser pollution.

Flora & Fauna

It’s ever rich in flora and fauna. It’s salubrious atmosphere and clean air is becoming a major reason for exploding Mysore real estate sector.

Rich Heritage

The city still has its old charm, rich in terms of heritage and culture. It acts as a good bridge between Bangalore, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Quality Lifestyle

The slum population is less than 10%. It is also a major attraction spot for tourists which is always a good sign for Mysore real estate prices.

The ‘City of Palaces’ is Glorious for a Reason!

Mysore has historic significance with rich culture and heritage. The tier-2 city is growing rapidly being India’s one of the most famous tourist destination. Mysore real estate market price is increasing drastically and is said to reach sky heights in the near future thanks to rapid developments across the city with respect to infrastructure. Widely referred to as the ‘Heritage City of India’, Mysuru is becoming the ‘start-up capital’ for minds brimming with creative ideas. According to recent settlers, the city has been deemed as ‘the best place to live in’ for residents who love the city and everything it offers. Apparently, there is something about this city, a magical attraction, which pulls everyone towards it. Coupled with pollution-free environment and traffic-free roads, Mysuru can most definitely be called as ‘paradise on Earth’.

Ever Growing Demand for Mysuru Real Estate

The year 2017 was exceptionally good as Mysuru emerged to become one of the stable performers in Real Estate during this year beating major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. Apart from existing global leaders setting up base here, companies like Airbus BizLab and Visa are planning to join the club. While Airbus plans to bring together start-ups, Visa’s new office will be home to over 1000 developers, making Mysuru a more desirable IT hub than ever. Innovation and technology is in abundance with some of the leading global research centers and institutes. Such developments have created a dearth for employment opportunities and the same might cause a steady inflow of migrants to this city. Accordingly, more inflow of people lead to housing demands which will significantly boost the real estate sector in the city. Nonetheless, it’s worthy to invest in Mysore real estate as it is likely to bring golden returns.

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